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"You never knew Lyanna as I did, Robert. You saw her beauty, but not the iron underneath"

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Lyanna Stark, the only daughter of Lord Rickard and Lyarra Stark of Winterfell. She is the ill fated sister of Ned Stark, the catalyst to Robert's Rebellion and the fall of the Targaryen's reign. At the Tourney of Harrenhal, she was crowned the Queen of Love and Beauty by Rhaegar Targaryen. Not long after, she was carried off by the Dragon Prince, some claimed by kidnapped and others not so certain. While her betrothed, Robert Baratheon, raised an army against the Mad King, Lyanna was left in the Tower of Joy in Dorne. Rhaegar fell at the Battle of the Trident and Ned went to retrieve his sister. He found her in a bed of blood, the air smelling of Winter Roses. Before she died, she extracted a promise from Ned, one that he kept for the rest of his days but never forgot.

"Promise me, Ned. Promise me."

Lyanna is often a woman over idealized in Westeros. Many view her as a fragile lady, stolen away from her home and violated. She became a symbol for a rebellion, weak and in need of rescuing from her family and betrothed, Robert Baratheon. Even after her death, she is still seen in this light, becoming a symbol rather than the person she was. In reality, Lyanna was sharp and strong like steel. Ned Stark often compared Lyanna to his daughter, Arya, stating (specifically in Chapter 22 of the first book) that they were similar in looks and personality.

Lyanna, much like her niece, is considered a tomboy. As Ned points out, Lyanna would likely have carried a sword, had her father let her. She enjoyed sword fighting and horse riding, showing a fearlessness and confidence in her skills. At a young age, she trains alongside her brothers, learning how to fight with a sword and to ride wildly. She would often practice sparring with her younger brother, Benjen. She races headlong into these manly activities, not once caring or concerning herself for what others might thing. They are natural to her and she enjoys them.

However, Lyanna is not above more feminine pleasures. During the Tourney at Harrenhal, Prince Rhaegar performed a beautiful, sad song that causes Lyanna to weep. In this action, she shows an appreciation for the arts, as well as the gentler sides of chivalry. She also is noted to have a fondness for winter roses, as they are flowers most often associated with her.

Robert Baratheon contends in the novel that Lyanna would never have spoken against him, as Cersei often does. However, Robert is quick to point out that there is a steel beneath her beauty. She is often described as "willful", showing that Lyanna was stubborn and also preferred to follow her own desires and opinion, rather than let someone else dictate her life. Lyanna bore a temper, causing her to lash out at those who angered her. When Howland Reed is beaten by several squires, Lyanna screamed "That's my father's man you're kicking!" And then attacked them with a tourney sword. When her brother Benjen teases her for cry at Rhaegar's song, Lyanna responds by pouring wine over his head. Her temper sometimes causes her to act recklessly, though it seems that she more often spurred into action by something she prizes even more.

Much like the other Starks, Lyanna values honor and integrity. When told that she is to marry Robert Baratheon, Lyanna expresses concern, stating that she doesn't believe he truly loves her. The fact that Robert had fathered a child with another woman leads her to believe that he cannot stay faithful to one bed. While Robert idealizes his love for Lyanna, she makes it very clear that she doesn't think very highly of him.

At the tourney, Lyanna is disgusted and enraged by the dishonorable actions of the squires. Because they beat and taunt a man they view as beneath them, she takes it upon herself to punish them and bring Howland under her family's more direct protection. She points out the squires to her brothers, who offer to give Howland armor to challenge them in. Howland refuses.

Not long after, an unknown challenger appears known as the Knight of the Laughing Tree. Though canon never directly states who the figure is, it is not out of Lyanna's character or personality to pose as a knight. She was brash, headstrong, and determined enough to have posed in an effort to teach the squires a lesson. The knight defeated them and ordered the champions to admonish their squires. This fits with what Lyanna was motivated by, honor and a desire to defend those who were helpless.

Lyanna is close to her brother in personality, as well as relationship. It is Ned that she entrusts her greatest secret, one that he carries to his grave. It is not even revealed in the book. It is to Ned that she confesses her fears and desires, even revealing the fears she has over her betrothed, his best friend. It is to family that she is close and relies on, allowing her heart to shine through. And it is through her family's eyes that we see past the idealized image of her and see the woman within.

6I Info
Name: Lyanna Stark
Canon: A Song of Ice and Fire
Scrubs Color: Hunter Green
Gender: Female
Complexion: Lyanna is a bit more tanned than other noble ladies. Despite her level of activity and rowdiness, she is considered very beautiful.
Hygiene: While Lyanna bathes often, she tends to get dirty/muddy/sweaty quickly. Her hair is usually tangled by the wind and her dresses often need hemming and repair, something she has little concern for.
Defining Marks: None
Accent/Speech: Lyanna speaks with an accent that resembles Northern English. Bearing/Demeanor: Lyanna is noted to be wild, bearing what her father calls "wolf blood." Her brother notes that she bears "iron beneath her beauty." Gait: Steady, normal. Habits: Lyanna doesn't sit still for very long. If she is forced to, she'll fidget with whatever is handy and available. Skills: Lyanna is a skilled rider, noted to ride "like a northman" and "half centaur." She is talented with a blade, able to spar with her brother and knock him down. She was able to chase away three squires when they attacked Howland Reed.
AGE: 16
HEIGHT: 5'5"
BUILD: Lyanna is slim, wiry and of medium stature. She is healthy for her age, due to her preference for physical activities and days often spent outdoors. Unlike the ladies of the southron houses, Lyanna is muscular, lean and active.
HAIR: Brown, long and wavy.
EYES: Grey
STATUS: Unknown
HOUSE: Stark
KINGDOM: The North